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Our 8-Step Guide To The Perfect New Roof

At Crain Roofing, we know that when it comes to something as vital as putting a roof over your head (literally) it’s comforting to understand the process even if you’re not doing the actual installation. The only thing easier than breaking down the installation process into an 8 step guide, is hiring Crain Roofing to do it for you. Check out our guide to the perfect new roof by watching the video below and reading through our tips!


8 Step Guide to the Perfect New Roof



Removal and Disposal of Existing Roofing

Crain roofing utilized state of the art equipment to ensure the cleanest roofing job possible. With the Equipter RB 4000 used at each job site, we can ensure your gutters, landscaping, and home are protected throughout this entire phase of construction. Our team is also inspecting the integrity of the roof decking and wall flashing at this time while providing consistent communication with the homeowner. 



Ice and water shields will be installed to all roof eaves and in all valleys. This premium underlayment protects your roof deck from ice damming during harsh winter months. The remaining roof deck will receive a synthetic premium felt. These products are essential to ensuring the longevity of your new roof system. 


Aluminum Drip Edge 

New aluminum drop edges will be installed to all the roof perimeters. Drip edges helps lead water directly into the gutter system at the bottom eave edges and protects the rake edges from water infiltration.


Starter Shingle 

Before we install the primary roof shingles, starter shingles will need to be applied. The starter shingles cover the shingle joints of the first row of shingles at the roof eaves. They also give the perimeter of the roof a proper seal to ensure protection from high winds and water infiltration.


Roof Shingle 

Prep work is complete and it’s time to install the primary roof shingles. We install within the manufactured guidelines. By choosing Crain roofing, you can be sure you are receiving a roof that will protect your home from decades to come. 

Guide to the perfect new roof

Ridge Vent 

Following roof shingle installation, it’s time to give your home a chance to breathe. Poor ventilation can lead to a shortened lifetime of your roof system. Crain roofing installs premium ridge vents that work with the intake soffits, providing a properly ventilated roof system and peace of mind for our customers 


Shingle Cap

The final component to your new roof system is the shingle caps. Shingle caps are installed along all roof peaks and hips to ensure watertight finishing product with no exposure to leaks. 


Clean Up and Final Inspection

No roof job by Crain roofing is complete without a proper cleanup. We reinspect the gutters in all areas of landscaping for loose debris. High powered magnets will also be used to collect any remaining nails. By performing these duties alongside a final inspection of the completed roof, we can leave our customers with a lasting good impression 


Our guide to the perfect new roof is sure to keep you in the know every step of the way! Say hello to your perfect new roof with the confidence in the services of Crain Roofing. Contact us for a free estimate!



June 14, 2023

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